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Year 6 Learning Examples


Year 6 were enthralled with the last lesson in their light unit. They looked at different coloured filters and saw what colour the new filters changed to. They filled in their own table of results and there were some surprises! Great prediction and interpreting results Year 6.  

Maths Challenge

Our Year 6 team won the Maths Challenge hosted by Coleridge Community College! Congratulations to all who took part. We are very proud of how well you worked together.


Hot seating a character in English allowed us to better understand their action together with various story elements. Tableaus (still poses) from the story “The Journey” by Francesca Sanna embeds some of the finer details, and allows us to include ideas in our own writing. 


We used a practical investigation to help comprehend and then demonstrate how light travels in a straight line. We have used our experiences with reflecting light to create periscopes and have “reflected” on the understood law related to it. 


Here we are showing our skills with manipulatives in maths.