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Year 5 Learning Examples

The Key Stage 2 football team worked hard at the latest competition held at Coleridge School earlier this term. Well done to those who represented our school with positivity and wonderful teamwork!

Queen Emma has been enjoying the French Language resources borrowed from Institute Francais.  The books and games have found their way to the UKS2 classrooms where the students have been enjoying recognising some of the language they have been studying.  Tres Bien!

The Year Fives have been looking at sketching in art.  We have reviewed some techniques previously taught, and have extended our skills in preparation for the upcoming week. Amazing work! 

Year 2 children have enjoyed learning about fantasy stories and finding their features. The children used a clip called 'Once in a Lifetime' as their inspiration and then created their own characters. After writing their stories independently, they shared them with their Year 5 reading buddies. 

In Year 5, we have spent time exploring the Woodland Explorer's area through weekly sessions. The children have loved making dens and exploring!


A Year 5 pupil delighted Polar Bear Class wth a surprise visit to play her penny whistle.

Year 5 have been working hard on the topic As-tu un animal? (Do you have a pet?). They have learnt how to say the different pets they have and give their names, as well as learning how to use the negative to say which pets they do not have. They created a lovely display in the corridor to celebrate everything they have learnt.

Year 5 are enjoying their current Science unit, ‘forces’. They have been observing the effects of gravity, friction and air resistance. This week they have planned an enquiry from a given investigation question. They have been looking at the effects different surfaces have on the force needed to pull the object along, using a Newton meter.