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Year 2 Learning Examples


In Year 2 this half-term, we have been exploring the question: 'Why do Christians trust Jesus and follow him?'. We found out about how Jesus recruited his disciples and why they wanted to follow him. We also heard the stories of Zacchaeus and the paralysed man. We visited St James Church to understand how Christians learn more about following Jesus by going to church. Finally, we learnt about Mary Jones and how she worked so hard to be able to buy her own Bible. We discussed why Christians might want to be like Mary Jones and acted out the story. 

British Values

On British Values Day we found out about the importance of respect, rules and democracy. We voted on new table leaders and also for someone to represent Polar Bear Class on the student Lighthouse Group. Well done to Daniah who received the most votes. 


Year 2 have enjoyed their week making and eating a healthy sandwich. They practised their cutting skills and tried to make their sandwich look appealing.

Past Tense

Year 2 have enjoyed finding out about the past tense through playing a game with a partner. It was great fun!