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Year 2 Learning Examples

Polar Bear Class enjoyed the Quiet Spaces reflective activities at Queen Edith. We were very quiet and thought about gratitude, worries, saying sorry, our goals, what we like or dislike about our city and some 'Big questions' too. It reminded us of our daily mindfulness sessions after break. 


On Tuesday 1st May, ten children from Year 2 attended the Friendship Games at Coleridge Community College. They took part in a range of activities including running, throwing, jumping and climbing. Everyone had a fabulous time and enjoyed learning new skills. They worked hard to improve on their scores and were very successful. Well done to all who attended!


Our topic on shape was launched via an Nrich investigation called 'Jig Shapes'. The children worked in a group and each child had some cards which they had to describe to their group without showing them! For example, I have part of a blue triangle or what shape do you have part of? They then had to lay out their cards to see if they could create a part or join part shapes together. It was great fun and involved using lots of mathematical shape vocabulary. They succeeded by working together to complete the puzzle. 

Year 2 have been finding out about multiplication and division by using resources to create arrays, show remainders and share. 

We learnt new vocabulary: factor X factor = product. Dividend / divisor = quotient 

We also learnt that multiplication is commutative and explored the 2x 5x and 10x tables. We found out what happens when you multiply by 0 and 1. 

Year 2 had a great day learning all about The Great Fire of London and the jobs people would have at the time. They learnt about why the fire spread so easily, and enjoyed this through practical learning and role play.

Year 2 have two more readers who have reached the top of the rainbow! 

Art Day

Year 2 had a wonderful Art day! We explored colour mixing, how cool and warm colours can make you feel, and mark making with paints using a variety of brushes and tools. 

We looked at the work of Andre Derain, Vincent Van Gogh and then Erin Hansen in more detail. Linking to our Fire! fire! topic, we then painted the background for a Great Fire of London scene using warm colours and mixing paints. 

Finally, we found out about the work of collage artist Laura Shabazz and used collaging techniques to add buildings and flames to our artwork... it was great fun! 


Year 2 enjoyed writing 'What am I?' riddles based on animals. We used expanded noun phrases and similes too! We created a class riddle book and we shared the riddles with our Year 5 reading buddies. 


Year 2 were inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe and created beautiful floral artwork using oil pastels. 

Fantasy Stories

Year 2 children have enjoyed learning about fantasy stories and finding their features. The children used a clip called 'Once in a Lifetime' as their inspiration and then created their own characters. After writing their stories independently, they shared them with their Year 5 reading buddies. 

Penny Whistle

Polar Bear Class were delighted to have a surprise musician play her penny whistle this morning!


In Year 2 this half-term, we have been exploring the question: 'Why do Christians trust Jesus and follow him?'. We found out about how Jesus recruited his disciples and why they wanted to follow him. We also heard the stories of Zacchaeus and the paralysed man. We visited St James Church to understand how Christians learn more about following Jesus by going to church. Finally, we learnt about Mary Jones and how she worked so hard to be able to buy her own Bible. We discussed why Christians might want to be like Mary Jones and acted out the story. 

British Values

On British Values Day we found out about the importance of respect, rules and democracy. We voted on new table leaders and also for someone to represent Polar Bear Class on the student Lighthouse Group. Well done to Daniah who received the most votes. 

Design and Technology - Sandwiches

Year 2 have enjoyed their week making and eating a healthy sandwich. They practised their cutting skills and tried to make their sandwich look appealing.

Past Tense

Year 2 have enjoyed finding out about the past tense through playing a game with a partner. It was great fun!