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Year 1 Learning Examples

Year 1 had a fantastic day during their Design and Technology day. The children designed, made and evaluated fruit kebabs and were great at cutting the fruit and trying new foods. The highlight of the day was definitely eating them and thank you so much to all the parents who brought fruit in to make the day super tasty!


Seahorse Class had a great time in the forest school area creating butterflies using natural resources such as grass, sticks and flowers. We had to make sure that our butterflies had symmetrical patterns, which we actually found quite challenging. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine!

We have been experimenting with different paintbrushes to see the range of brushstrokes we can create. As well painting in our sketch books, we also painted on fabric, coloured paper and textured paper to see the different results we can get. 

Queen Emma had a fantastic day when Gareth from ‘The Royal Institute of Science’ came into school and did a whole day based around the theme of ‘Explosive Food’ during British Science Week. He did a show for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 where the children learnt a vast array of things such as all about how powerful our tongues are with their taste buds, why we should be eating more insects in our diet, how flammable jelly babies are and a disgusting and immersive look into our digestive system.

All classes then spent the day taking part in a variety of Science experiments including making lava lamps, removing dye from skittles, flower experiments, food chains and jelly babies dissolving in a variety of solutions.

In the evening Gareth then held a community show for all the families within the federation which was based upon ‘Rockets.’ This was full of fire and explosive experiments and it was fantastic to see so many of our families attend this brilliant event.

There was a real buzz around the school during the day and it was a super event that many of the children will remember in the future.

Forest School

Seahorse Class had a brilliant time in our first forest school session. We explored all the resources in the area including the fire pit, den building area, tyre swing and the most popular was the rope bridge. We can’t wait to do more learning there.


Year 1 had a great day learning all about Space. We went off in our rockets to learn a song all about the 8 planets in our solar system. We then coloured, cut out and ordered them correctly (the song really helped us with this!) Next we learnt about the relative sizes of planets, with Mercury being the size of a peppercorn, Earth a cherry tomato and Jupiter the size of a grapefruit! In the afternoon we learnt about how day and night are made using torches and pretending to be Earth and the moon orbiting around the sun. Finally we made our own model with split pins to recreate the Earth and moon’s orbit. Come and ask us more about our learning as we learnt so many interesting and out of this world facts.


Year 1 had a great time investigating which materials would be suitable for a helmet for the character in our class book, Traction Man. They had to use their scientific skills to predict which material would be best and investigated the properties of them. They had a great time while applying their knowledge practically.  


Year 1 have been learning all about old and new toys in their History lessons. This week, the children were allowed to bring in their favourite toy and explain why they loved it so much. They then had a chance to share their toys with their friends.

7 Habits

Seahorse Class have been learning all about the 7 Habits and created our amazing Habit Tree.