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Support Staff


Pastoral Staff

Mrs J Cafferkey - Pastoral Wealthfare Lead and DSL.

Miss K Rowe - Nurture Group Leader

Teaching Assistants

Name Role Year Group
Mrs O'Dell General R
Mr Tobeck 1-1 4
Miss S Cuffe General 1
Mrs C Oates General 1
Mrs Richards 1-1 1
Ms T Winter General 1/2
Miss S Begum General 2
Mrs T Howe 1-1 3
Miss K Grass 1-1 3
Mrs K Blyth General 4
Mrs S Murphy General 5
Mrs H Green 1-1 5
Mrs L Cox 1-1 5
Mrs K Hider General 5/6
Miss L Simmons 1-1 6
Mrs M Fernandez Pinal 1-1 2
Mrs A Graves 1-1 1
Mrs H Wilson 1-1 Reception
Mrs A Johnson General Reception

Nursery Assistants

Nursery Assistants Class
Miss L Dunn Cubs 
MIss D Fletcher Cubs 
Mrs E Macpherson Cubs 
Mrs I Martin Cubs
Mrs C Fletcher Cubs 
Mrs O'Connor Foxes
Miss J Brown Foxes
Mrs M Giannoulopoulou Foxes 
Miss H Maxwell Foxes 

Midday Supervisors

Mrs M Ladva

Mrs Assimakos

Office Support Staff

Name Role
Miss M Jeeps School Secretary
Mrs M Reynolds School Secretary
Mrs K Garrod School Secretary
Mrs J Dargiene

Nursery Administrator

Mrs Byford Office Manager 
Mrs C Monument School Business Manager
Mrs Auberger Finance Manager 
Mr Shamma ICT Technician