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Year 6 Learning

Ms Simmons

6.1 Jaguar class

Mrs Cowhitt

6.2 Panther Class

Year 6


The children in year 6 really demonstrated their growth mindsets this week in maths. The challenge: Can you make letters of the alphabet from a piece of A4 paper, by folding as many folds as you need, but only make one cut in a straight line? The answer: YES! The letter ‘G’ is proving difficult and is a work in progress, however the children managed to write the word ‘TEXTIN’. Lots of mathematical elements contributed towards the success of this lesson.


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Cross Country Championship

The children in KS2 had a fantastic morning at Netherhall taking part in the annual Cambridge CSSP Cross Country Championship! The key theme of this year’s event was ‘determination’ and the Queen Emma team certainly were determined! We were so proud of all who took part. We look forward to returning again next year!


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Football Tournament

Queen Emma entered their first ever football tournament this year. The children played extremely well together, demonstrated amazing support for each other and played fairly. All of which helped win the tournament! The children, parents and staff are all excited about progressing to the next stage of the competition.


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The children of Queen Emma remember

To honour all who lost their lives in WW1, every child in Queen Emma made a poppy to create a whole school art installation. Come to the top of the Atrium stairs and take a look.


Year 6


Making a poster for topic lessons to advertise South America, showed off the children’s hard work learning of persuasive writing, team work, communication and also, their enjoyment of learning. The posters are displayed for visitors to share the pride the children have taken in their work.


Year 6

South America

Learning about South America in topic lessons has been a great way for us all to learn even more about each other. We have some first-hand experience of families from Argentina and lots of places that some of us have visited. Using the maps has helped to understand climate change and make predictions about why age expectancy varies from continent to continent. The topic has lead to some children continuing their learning at home to find out challenge questions of interest to us all.


Year 6

Poppy Making

Year 6 have been marking the 100 years since the end of WW1 with the upmost respect that it deserves. The children listened to music by a group of girls who all had a parent in the armed forces.

Poppy making was a great way to be creative, respectful and share time talking with friends about how fortunate we are today.


Year 6


This term year 6 are learning about Electricity and the symbols used to draw a range of circuits. They started off by making a range circuits, using: a cell, light bulbs, buzzers, motors and crocodile clips. Team work to problem solve shone through strongly.

The children then had the challenge to turn a drawing using pictures into a Scientific drawing using symbols. A good start to the topic.


Year 6


As the children are becoming more independent and considering travelling to school independently, Bikeability has provided the children with lots of skills and learning to help keep them safe on the streets. The children took part in level 1 on the school playground before many achieved level 2. The children took on board their new learning and worked well supporting each other throughout the week.


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Pride in our school

Later years have been working hard creating posters to depict ‘pride in our school’. To do this, the children had the choice of using: pens and pencils, paint, pastels and chalk or collage. We really enjoyed working as a phase and using our art skills.


Year 6


Simplifying and ordering fractions on a number line has been a real challenge this week. However, everyone has really persevered and challenged themselves, meaning that the progress throughout the week has been amazing. The children enjoyed finishing the topic by playing some quite challenging fraction games.


Year 6

October – Art

Art in year 6 has been focusing on Paul Nash art. A lot of discussions about the colours and themes used to represent World War Two. The children took their time to recreate a piece of art work in the style of Paul Nash.


Year 6

October – Writing

Year 6 writing has got off to a fantastic start. The children are further developing their editing and proof reading skills that they have learnt throughout the years. It has been exciting to share the children’s newspaper reports with each other about World War Two.


Year 6

September – Light

During Science, year 6 have been learning about light. The children have had the opportunity carry out practical experiments to help understand theories and see the results for themselves. The new scientific vocabulary has been remembered well by the children and they are developing confidence using it verbally when discussing their learning so far.


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Shakespeare Rocks

Congratulations to Year 5 and 6 on your fantastic production of ‘Shakespeare Rocks.’ This fresh, funny and up to date look at the life and times of William Shakespeare, gave us a cast of hilarious historical characters, amusing glimpses into some of his works and an understanding of how he came ‘to be!’ The singing was full of energy and the acting superb throughout. Special mentions must go to the wonderful soloists who performed so confidently in both performances. An enormous thank you to everyone who played a part in making this fantastic production come to life – what a wonderful way to end our summer term.

Spread the word…Shakespeare didn’t just write….he rocked!