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Year 6 Learning

Ms Simmons

6.1 Jaguar Class
Phase Leader

Ms Osborne

6.2 Panther Class

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Autumn Term – Welcome Videos – How to Enter School!

Please follow the guidelines in the video below for your year group to enter school following our new system…


What's been happeningYear 6

Mrs Peet’s End Of Year Assembly

Please see below Mrs Peet’s end of year assembly.


ReceptionWhat's been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

Mrs Peet – Synergise Assembly

Please see below Mrs Peet’s latest assembly…


ReceptionWhat's been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

An Assembly for Year 6 and Key Worker Children

Please see below Mrs Peet’s assembly for Year 6 and key worker children…


ReceptionWhat's been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

VE Day Assembly!

Please watch Mrs Peet’s VE Day Assembly!


Year 6


We have been looking at classification in our Science this week. We worked together in this lesson to identify characteristics of leaves, create a Leaf Fact File and then develop a Character Table to organise them all. Well done to all!


Year 6


When we “begin with the end in mind,” we can organise our actions and think ahead. When playing “capture the flag” on Happy Friday, we had a go at practising just that!


Year 6


Think win-win is a great way to benefit all. In our whole school reading, we joined with other year groups to help each other practise these essential skills!


Year 6


Special guests have been coming to Queen Emma to give the year 6’s talks about health. In this session, we looked at physical exercise as a way to maintain our health. We looked at position and direction by practising rotations with PE equipment.


Year 6

Crochet Club

Extracurricular activities include the crochet club! We have started with snowflakes…lovely work.


Year 6

WW2 Cake

For our WW2 day, the Year Sixes made chocolate “cake” as people in the UK would have during the war. The rations made it difficult then, but our taste-testers thought it was quite good!


Year 6


In science the year 6’s have been looking at the effect light has on objects we see. We experimented with water in a glass, and a drawn arrow observed through the clear materials in order to understand refraction. Ask us what happened!


Year 6


During our PE lessons we have been practising our hockey skills!