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Year 6 Information

Autumn Term

This half term the children will be learning about WW2 and the impact on Britain. The children will investigate the poignant events throughout the war and how life in Britain changed during and after the end of the war. As well as share their own opinions about why the war started and who was to blame. The children will be able to experiment with day to day life that children their age would have experienced during WW2

We are keen for parents to support the children’s learning at home as much as possible. To help with this we produce Topic Overviews for each term outlining our main topics.


Please download our Information Booklet to find out more about the routines and expectations in Year 6. You may also wish to take a look at the Y6 Curriculum Map, which shows you the topics we will be covering in different subjects over the course of the year. Please talk to us if you would like more information.



Year 6

October – Art

Art in year 6 has been focusing on Paul Nash art. A lot of discussions about the colours and themes used to represent World War Two. The children took their time to recreate a piece of art work in the style of Paul Nash.

Year 6

October – Writing

Year 6 writing has got off to a fantastic start. The children are further developing their editing and proof reading skills that they have learnt throughout the years. It has been exciting to share the children’s newspaper reports with each other about World War Two.

Year 6

September – Light

During Science, year 6 have been learning about light. The children have had the opportunity carry out practical experiments to help understand theories and see the results for themselves. The new scientific vocabulary has been remembered well by the children and they are developing confidence using it verbally when discussing their learning so far.

Year 5Year 6

Shakespeare Rocks

Congratulations to Year 5 and 6 on your fantastic production of ‘Shakespeare Rocks.’ This fresh, funny and up to date look at the life and times of William Shakespeare, gave us a cast of hilarious historical characters, amusing glimpses into some of his works and an understanding of how he came ‘to be!’ The singing was full of energy and the acting superb throughout. Special mentions must go to the wonderful soloists who performed so confidently in both performances. An enormous thank you to everyone who played a part in making this fantastic production come to life – what a wonderful way to end our summer term.

Spread the word…Shakespeare didn’t just write….he rocked!