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Year 3 Information

Summer Term

We are keen for parents to support the children’s learning at home as much as possible. To help with this we produce Topic Overviews for each term outlining our main topics.

Please download our Information Booklet to find out more about the routines and expectations in Year 3. You may also wish to take a look at the Y3 Curriculum Map, which shows you the topics we will be covering in different subjects over the course of the year. Please talk to us if you would like more information.

Optional Homework


No Nonsense Facts

Purple Mash

We are delighted to tell you that we have now set up Class Blogs on Purple Mash for each class in Year 1 to Year 6. Children can now share, with their teacher and classmates, some of the wonderful things they have been doing at home. Teachers will check their Class Blogs once a day. All posts and comments need to be ‘approved’ by the class teacher before they can be seen ‘live’ by other members of the class. The blogs have been set up so that they are only accessible by the class teacher and members of the class. Please see the attachment for some simple instructions on how to access and post information onto the Class Blog. We are looking forward to sharing work and finding out what you have been doing at home.

Mrs Hart

3.1 Macaw Class

Mr Davies

3.2 Toucan Class

What's been happeningYear 3


In Year 3, the children have been discussing friendships and what makes a good friend. As a class, we talked about the importance of friendship and described our friends as people we can trust and rely on. The children created posters to display their friendships.


What's been happeningYear 3

Remembrance Day

Our tribute for Remembrance Day.



What's been happeningYear 3



Year 3


In our Topic lessons we have been learning about our local area. Here the children are creating a map of their local area, turning a satellite view of our school into a sketch map.


Year 3

Magic Box Poems

In Year 3 Macaw class had a go at filming their own videos using the ‘Clips’ app on the IPads. We used different filters and effects on some of our videos and filmed our own poems based on ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. We wrote our poems so that they were filled with memories from the past and interesting images using adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes to make them as descriptive as we could. Hopefully they will give you an image in your head of some lovely times! We realised that we had to speak loudly and hold the IPad still to make a really good video, so there will be lots of our learning that we can use next time to improve them even more!



Year 3


This term the children in Toucan class have been writing poems all about their very own imaginary boxes. The class worked in pairs to identify the different senses shown in Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’.


Year 3



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Autumn Term – Welcome Videos – How to Enter School!

Please follow the guidelines in the video below for your year group to enter school following our new system…