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Year 2 Information

Summer Term

We are keen for parents to support the children’s learning at home as much as possible. To help with this we produce Topic Overviews for each term outlining our main topics.

Please download our Information Booklet to find out more about the routines and expectations in Year 2. You may also wish to take a look at the Y2 Curriculum Map, which shows you the topics we will be covering in different subjects over the course of the year. Please talk to us if you would like more information.


Optional Homework

No Nonsense Facts

Purple Mash

We are delighted to tell you that we have now set up Class Blogs on Purple Mash for each class in Year 1 to Year 6. Children can now share, with their teacher and classmates, some of the wonderful things they have been doing at home. Teachers will check their Class Blogs once a day. All posts and comments need to be ‘approved’ by the class teacher before they can be seen ‘live’ by other members of the class. The blogs have been set up so that they are only accessible by the class teacher and members of the class. Please see the attachment for some simple instructions on how to access and post information onto the Class Blog. We are looking forward to sharing work and finding out what you have been doing at home.

Mrs Holman

2.1 Penguin Class
KS1 Phase Leader

Mrs Rutter

2.2 Polar Bear Class

What's been happeningYear 2


Year 2 were inspired by their work on the Great Fire of London in History to create powerful artwork using layering, black sugar paper and pastels. We really enjoyed this Art activity!


What's been happeningYear 2

3D Shapes

Year 2 had fun investigating 3D shapes through an Nrich challenge ‘Skeleton Shapes’. We had to predict which bundles of straws and balls of clay would make which shape. We synergised to work with a partner or in a group. We though carefully about how many vertices, faces and edges the shapes had. Finally, we shared our shapes in a gallery session and looked at other children’s solutions on the Nrich website.


What's been happeningYear 2

Book Week

Polar Bear Class loved sharing stories, dressing up, eating cookies and drinking milk. We had fun enjoying book related crafts. Our story ‘The Proudest Blue’ was fantastic and made us seek to understand others using Habit 5. Some Year 6 children came to help us hot seat the story. We have had a fun week!


Year 2


Year 2 enjoyed learning how to write instructions. We found out about imperative verbs and adverbs. The model text was about making a pizza and we adapted the instructions to write our own to make a magical pizza for a grumpy giant! We used time conjunctions, bossy verbs and interesting adjectives too.


What's been happeningYear 2


This half-term our theme in RE has been ‘What is important to Jewish families’. We found out what happens in a synagogue and why the Torah is important to Jewish people. We also discussed festivals and some religious stories. We have also talked about what makes a good leader.


Year 2

Year 2 Class Values


What's been happeningYear 2

Traditional Tales Day

Polar Bear Class enjoying making pizzas for the grumpy giant and sharing our costumes!


What's been happeningYear 2


Year 2 had fun consolidating their learning on doubling and halving by playing a game with a partner!


What's been happeningYear 2


This term in PSHCE, Year 2 we have been learning about healthy friendships. We have explored some of the qualities of friendship and skills for making friends and have developed some strategies for managing when friendships are difficult.  We understand that there are different family patterns and can describe what is special about our own family and its members, and about other people we know.


What's been happeningYear 2


In Year 2 we have been exploring multiplication by using counters to make arrays, tens frames and multiplication charts. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary – factor, product, adjacent multiples, commutative. We know that multiplication is commutative!


What's been happeningYear 1Year 2

Y1 and Y2 Choir

Since before half term, the children in our Year 1 and 2 choir have been working incredibly hard. We have learnt some new songs and the children really wanted to share them with you! Some of the children do not have website permission but you can enjoy their voices from off-screen. Enjoy!



What's been happeningYear 2

Traditional Tales

Year 2 have enjoyed the start of their learning about traditional tales by sharing stories and playing games with a partner. We have been thinking about the different features of the stories: settings, good and bad characters, magical elements and the language used. So far, we have found talking animals and imaginary lands!


What's been happeningYear 2


Year 2 children enjoyed an Nrich investigation ‘Catrina’s Cards’ which helped them to consolidate their learning in multiplication so far.

The children listened to the information about Catrina’s collection of football cards and represented this by drawing on their whiteboards. This helped them to work out how many she had altogether. The children then had the opportunity to look at each other’s representations; we noticed that they all have different strategies!

We also looked at the example solutions on the Nrich website to see how children in other schools tackled the investigation.


Year 2

Up, up and away

Year 2 used their design and technology skills on their ‘Up, up and away day’. First, they met the Wright Brothers Wilbur and Orville who had arrived specially to help out. They looked at how aeroplanes worked and then made a prototype to test outside .The children then used this knowledge to design an aeroplane that would fly at least 1 metre. The children used their designs to make an aeroplane which they then tested in the hall measuring the flight. To end the day, they evaluated their designs. It was an amazing day.


What's been happeningYear 2


In Year 2, the children have been finding out about everyday uses of materials. We have been identifying and comparing the suitability of a variety of everyday materials for particular uses. We explored how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. The children found out about ‘fair tests’ and then decided on what materials they would use for a pet home. They made models out of a variety of materials and we then carried out tests on waterproof materials having made predictions. We then discussed our results. It was great fun!


What's been happeningYear 2


Year 2 children have been composing music using 2Sequence and 2Beat in Computing lessons using iPads and the Purple Mash platform. We started with ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ and then added our own sounds to create a tune. We experimented with speeding up an slowing down tunes and thought about how music can be used to express feelings. Then we composed a piece of music that made us think of Habit 7 Sharpen the saw! We have really enjoyed being creative with music.


What's been happeningYear 2


Year 2 children enjoyed creating observational drawings of leaves and flowers in their sketch books. They took great care to add detail and to draw what they could see.


What's been happeningYear 2


Year 2 have had fun exploring maps of the UK and finding out about the different countries and their capital cities. They used the directional language of North, East, South and West to state where the countries lie in relation to each other.
The children have also found out about physical and human features and sorted them as a group. They discussed where each of the pictures should so and worked together to complete their posters of different physical and human features.


What's been happeningYear 2


Year 2 have been creating story maps for their journey stories. They have also explored the characters by using role play . They have been learning about past tense by playing a game and they found features of journey stories too .


What's been happeningYear 2


Year 2 have been partitioning into tens and ones. With a partner, children used part-whole models to show two-digit numbers in different ways.


What's been happeningYear 2

Place Value

Year 2 have been exploring place value to 20 by using equipment such as dienes and bead strings. We learnt some new vocabulary, ‘digit’ and ‘numeral’ and counted using a Gattegno chart. We’re having lots of fun in Maths!