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Nursery Closure

Foxes Class will be closed on Wednesday 4th September. Foxes Class will be open on Thursday 5th September to any child that normally attends on a Thursday.




Year 2

Thank you for visiting the Year 2 page! We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been doing.

On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 2, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 2 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions.

Please also take the time to visit the Learning (in Year 2) page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children’s work.


Miss Halliwell

2.1 Penguin Class

Mrs Qureshi

2.2 Polar Bear Class
KS1 Phase Leader

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We were so excited to see the fire brigade coming to help up fill up our pond! Some of us even got to wear the fire fighter’s helmet and jacket! A great big thank you to the Cambridge fire service.


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Arts Festival

On Tuesday 2nd July, Queen Emma enjoyed an Arts Festival where all classes enjoyed a mix of art, English and musical activities. We had a great day (as you can see by the pictures below).

Nursery enjoyed a musical sessions with Rat-a-Tat and lots of outdoors activities. Reception and KS1 listened to local group Shake, Rattle and Roll who brought  a range of exciting musical instruments in. Year 1 also had an amazing morning working together to paint outside. Year 2 created some weird and wonderful magical potions and investigated ‘The Air we Breathe.’

KS2 enjoyed a musical performance from members of St John’s Choir. Year 3 also loved a recorder workshop and made beautiful natural clay faces. Year 4 decorated tiles with stunning Islamic patterns and Year 5 made origami to hang in school. Year 6 enjoyed a performance from The King’s Men at Queen Edith before making dreamcatchers.

Special thanks must go to volunteers from the community who came in to run some of the activities. It was greatly appreciated and the whole day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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KS1 Well-being Morning

As part of Well-being Wednesday in KS1, we have had a fantastic morning taking part in a variety of different sporting activities in order to look after our physical well-being. There were 6 different activities:


Obstacle course


Parachute games

Balancing a ball on a racquet

Right on target! Throwing bean bags to a target

Water relay


Well done KS1 on a fantastic morning. You worked really well as a team
Thank you to the Year 6 Sports Leaders and the staff who helped make the morning run smoothly.


Year 2


Penguin class got very messy exploring seeds during their science lesson. We learnt that all plants that have seeds are a fruit. Some fruits have internal seeds and others like strawberries have their seeds externally. We then planted some of these seeds. I wonder if any of them will grow in our country?


Year 2

Multiplication and Division

We have been learning about groups to help us to understand multiplication and division. First we made groups using objects like pasta and lollypop sticks, then we went to make the groups using house point counters in rows and columns to create arrays.

For example, 3 groups of 2 are 6. 2 groups of 3 are 6.
10 divided by 2, how many groups of 2 in 10?


Year 2


The year 2’s were busy mixing colours to create different values; lighter colours were tints and darker ones were hues. We then shared our work and discussed it using our new art vocabulary! Fabulous work year 2’s!


Year 2


Year 2 have spent a chilly lesson exploring ice. Things that we discovered and wanted answering were;

  • Ice can melt and turns slippery when handled. The warmth from our hands make the ice melt which turns the ice into water. This is a reversible change.
  • Ice shrinks when it melts.
  • Some of the ice was opaque and other pieces were transparent. Why is this?
  • Salt speeds up the melting process if put onto ice.
  • Some ice is bumpy and rough but it can also be smooth.


Year 2

Fire Dance

Penguin class have been busy creating a dance based upon fire. We came up with a variety of movements that represented a burning ember, to a roaring fire and then slowly the fire dying out. We have also listened to the classical piece of music titled ‘Ritual Fire Dance’by Manuel da Falla basing our movements upon the dynamics of the music. Finally we used paper flames to help us with our movements. We can’t wait to perform it to another class!


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The children of Queen Emma remember

To honour all who lost their lives in WW1, every child in Queen Emma made a poppy to create a whole school art installation. Come to the top of the Atrium stairs and take a look.


Year 2

Fairy Tale Maps

Penguin class have been exploring maps and will eventually make their own fairy tale map, relating to their topic of ‘Traditional Tales.’ The children looked at a variety of maps and discussed their similarities and differences. They also went on an epic journey on google maps, travelling all over the world and exploring far flung cities.


Year 2

Story Telling Afternoon

Year 2 invited parents and carers to come in for a story telling afternoon. There were lots of fun activities enjoyed.


Year 2

Florence Nightingale


This week Penguin class went back in time to the Victorian Era to learn a little more about the significant nurse, Florence Nightingale. They learnt that Florence had to persuade her mother and sister about her desire to help people, rather than get married and go to lavish parties. So the children worked in groups of 3’s, taking on each character and role playing what Florence may have said to her mother and sister. The children took their roles very seriously and there were some fantastic performances at the end.