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Year 1 Learning

Miss Barnes

1.1 Dolphin Class

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1.2 Seahorse Class

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Autumn Term – Welcome Videos – How to Enter School!

Please follow the guidelines in the video below for your year group to enter school following our new system…


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Mrs Peet – Synergise Assembly

Please see below Mrs Peet’s latest assembly…


Year 1

Year 1 Welcome Back!

Please watch the welcome back videos below…

Year 1A

Year 1B


ReceptionWhat's been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

An Assembly for Year 6 and Key Worker Children

Please see below Mrs Peet’s assembly for Year 6 and key worker children…


ReceptionWhat's been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

VE Day Assembly!

Please watch Mrs Peet’s VE Day Assembly!


Year 1


In English, we have been learning about questions. We started our lesson by defining what a question is, before practising drawing question marks on the playground using chalk. We then played a game where we had to move to the correct side of the playground depending on whether we believed the sentence needed a question mark or a full stop. In our next English lesson we will be writing questions in our English books.


Year 1

Length and Height

In maths, we have been learning about length and height. To start the unit, we focused on non-standard units of measurement. We used cubes to measure objects around the classroom. We loved this practical lesson and are looking forward to learning about standard units of measurement next week.


Year 1


We have been learning about the artist Paul Klee, who is famous for his castle artwork. Using him as our inspiration, we sketched a castle using a pencil and drew a variety of 2D shapes inside the outline. We then used pastels to complete our outwork. We are extremely proud of our creations.


Year 1


In English, the children will be writing their own adverts for an imaginary island. To help us to write about an island we read ‘Grandad’s island’. Using the book, we then discussed the setting of an island and sorted pictures into groups based on the scenery, activities and living.


Year 1

Daily Mile Celebration

Year 1 have been completing the daily mile since the start of the academic year. We have successful run the distance from Cambridge to Paris and so we celebrated with some chocolate brioche! Well done to all of Year 1 and we can’t wait to complete our next challenge and run the distance to Lapland.


Year 1

Nativity Story

Year 1 were visited by Danny and Karen from the St Barnabas Church who helped to consolidate our knowledge about the Christian celebration of Christmas. We learnt that some people believe that Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph and that he would be very special. The children learnt about the story of the nativity by dressing up and retelling the story using actions.


Year 1

Action Adventure

As part of our topic ‘Action and Adventure’ we have been making moving toys. To do this we first explored a range of toys and discussed how they moved. We then designed our own moving cars and planned our work. Using Habit 6: Synergize, we worked in a pair to construct our toy cars. It was a bit fiddly but we finally attached the wheels to our axels. We then tested the cars, before finally evaluating what went well and what we could improve next time.


Year 1


In science we investigated which materials were waterproof. First we made predictions by looking at and touching the various materials. Then we carefully wrapped a doll in one material at a time (paper, tin foil, rubber and plastic), before pouring water over it.Hopefully when Traction Man returns he can use our knowledge to keep himself dry.


Year 1

Partition Numbers

Today in maths, the children used a whole-part model to partition numbers. We loved using the practical resources!


Year 1

Ten Nice Things

In maths the children played a game called ‘ten nice things’. Using a tens frame, the children had to make number bonds to ten. We loved playing this game!


Year 1


As part of our ‘Food, glorious food’ topic, Year 1 have been busy bees! They have worked hard on their class gardens, planting lots of seedlings and keeping them watered! They have discovered putting mint leaves in drinking water makes it taste delicious, and it is very healthy! We look forward to watching and helping the garden grow.


Year 1

Visit from the King and Queen

Year 1 children had a visit from the king and queen as an exciting introduction to our Castles topic.
Miss Barltrop and Mrs Rutter had to look after their horses outside while they talked to the children about different types of castle.


Year 1

Under The Sea Day

We had a fantastic day consolidating our learning about the zones of the ocean with a visiting expert called Stephen. He explained how scientists find out about the zones by travelling under the sea to different depths using special equipment. He also demonstrated the three zones using a bottle filled with liquids of different densities. We found out more amazing facts about the oceans and the creatures that live in the different zones. We also created a collage of the zones of the ocean.


Year 1

Place Value

We have been exploring place value up to 50 through lots of practical activities. We compared numbers using < and >; partitioned into tens and ones; and represented numbers on tens frames, with dienes and using Numicon. We have also used bead strings and hundred squares to help us show bigger numbers.

Year 1 have also been explaining our thinking and any patterns we can see – we have been very busy Mathematicians!



Year 1

Aliens love underpants!

We enjoyed the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ but then something strange happened.
The pants we made went missing! We looked around the school and asked questions to find out information. We are going to write news articles about what’s happened using time openers.

Footprints and a pair of pants were found. There were a pair of pants in the bushes! Pegs that were dropped.

Year 1 searched for clues outside and investigators reported back information from the office staff and Miss Stubbs.