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Year 1 Information

Autumn Term

We are keen for parents to support the children’s learning at home as much as possible. To help with this we produce Topic Overviews for each term outlining our main topics.

Please download our Information Booklet to find out more about the routines and expectations in Year 1. You may also wish to take a look at the Y1 Curriculum Map, which shows you the topics we will be covering in different subjects over the course of the year. Please talk to us if you would like more information.


Optional Homework

No Nonsense Facts

Guidance For Parents

Miss Barnes

1.1 Dolphin Class

Mrs Stevens

1.2 Seahorse Class

Mrs Brierley

1.2 Seahorse Class

What's been happeningYear 1


In history, Year One have been learning about toys from the past. We explored a range of toys including a Jacob’s ladder and a spinning top. We played with the toys and wrote a bank of adjectives to describe each toy. We also made cross-curricular links with our science learning and thought about what materials the toys were made from.


What's been happeningYear 1

Whole Part Model

This week, we have been learning about the whole part model. We selected a number card (our whole) and then partitioned the correct number of cubes into two different parts. We tried to see if we could think of more than one way to partition each number.


What's been happeningYear 1

Comparing Numbers

We have been busy comparing numbers in maths. We have learnt to recognize the less than (<), greater than (>) and equal to (=) sign. We then used these symbols to correctly compare different sets of objects.


What's been happeningYear 1


We have been comparing different objects based on their length and weight. We used balance scales to measure which objects were heavier and which objects were lighter. This will build the foundation of our knowledge when we begin to compare numbers.


What's been happeningYear 1

7 Habits

Year One have been learning about the ‘7 Habits’ as part of our ‘Leader in Me’ lessons. We created a class tree to display the habits and painted our own leaves to put on the tree. We can’t wait for you to see our fabulous display.