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Physical Education

Here at Queen Emma Primary School we take pride in delivering high quality PE lessons, supported by the New Cambridgeshire Scheme of Work. We are fully committed to ensuring that we stretch and challenge all children within their abilities, so that they experience a wealth of fitness, healthy lifestyles, as well as, experience the competitive elements of sport.

School Games Award

For the second year we have been awarded a ‘Silver’ Kitemark award which we are extremely proud of.

Here at Queen Emma Primary School we have a group of keen sports leaders. In the following weeks we will be seeing them support our Premier Sport coach at lunch times, to really promote a love of sports. This half term they will be helping with hockey coaching, to help develop upon skills and build confidence learning new sports.


Our pupils have at least 2 hours per week of PE lessons from Reception to Year Six. Children are given opportunities to practise and build upon their skills both individually, as a group and with the support of the adults to make further progress. Partner talk, problem solving, evaluating and providing constructive feedback to each other are key areas that we consider the children to be able to develop throughout the PE curriculum.

As the children progress throughout and year groups they gain the necessary skills to be able to be competent at a range of sporting activities, understanding how units of work link and support a range of games and competitions.

Yearly Overview

Y1Games Unit ‘Throwing and Catching’. Dance Unit ‘Dot , Wiggle and Dash’.Gymnastics Unit ‘Travel and Stop’.Games Unit ‘Running and Jumping’, ‘Kicking and Striking’.
Y2Gymnastics: Points of Contact. Dance: Magical Friendship. Games: Fundamentals 1Games : Fundamentals 1 & 2. Dance: Great Fire of London. Gymnastics: Tall and Wall.Games: Fundamentals 3. Games: Sports Event
Y3Striking and Fielding. Gymnastics. Interpretive Indian dance.Tag Rugby. Gymnastics.Pirate Dance. Sports Leadership. Athletics.
Y4Invasion Games (Football, Tag Rugby). Dance: Lindy Hop. Gymnastics.Dance: Time Travel. Football.Athletics. Rounders.
Y5Gymnastics: Balance. Invasion Games: Rugby. Dance. Football. Invasion Games: Football.Gymnastics: Partner Work. Invasion Games: Basketball, Netball.Athletics. Striking and Fielding. Games: Cricket. Dance Morning. African Rhythm and Beats. Swimming Athletics.
Y6Invasion Games: Hockey. Gymnastics: Symmetry and Asymmetry. Fitness.Invasion Games: Tag Rugby. Dance.Net Games: Tennis. Striking and Fielding. Rounders, Cricket.

For more information please click on the link to view our PE Policy on our Policies page.

Mile A Day

As we continue to evaluate and improve physical activity and healthy lifestyles, we have introduced ‘a mile a day’ for all children from year one to year six to take part in during the school day. This is proving to be a great way to provide brain breaks and promote physical activity.

Government Funding

Last year, the government increased the grant for schools to use to ensure all children are provided with as many experiences as possible. We strongly believe children should be exposed to these experiences in order to make their own decisions about what sports they enjoy and are talented at. This grant has been confirmed for the academic year of 2018-2019, therefore allowing us to continue to develop the subject and progression for all our children.

The grant is used to provide clubs that the children can participate in; before school, at lunch time and afterschool. Ensuring that all children can access a range of clubs with additional funding as required.
Competition for all ability groups has been increased since the funding has been available. We are also able to enter additional festivals and events that targeted children can attend.

CSSP Partnership

We have continued to invest in the CSSP partnership, which we use for a range of activities both during the school day and out of school: High quality coaching by specialist coaches are delivered to all classes form years one to six for a series of lessons. Which provides CPD for teachers to develop their knowledge and understanding of teaching PE, as well, as, motivate and enthuses our children taking part.

Competition and Festivals

We have fortunate that we have the luxury of being a Federation with Queen Edith Primary School and use this to offer further competition and festivals for groups and classes.

Competition has increased throughout the years and we are proud of the successes that we are continuing to make each year. This year sees the first Queen Emma football team and already we have entered our first tournament.

School Games Afternoon

Our School Games afternoons are an exciting chance for KS2 parents to celebrate the wide range of activities that we offer and are keen to develop. Providing opportunities for quality family memories to made and remembered.


Learning to swim is an important life skill. We organise lessons for all children in Year 5 and Year 6. These take place during school time and are a part of the school curriculum.

Information For Parents

PE lessons are included in the curriculum and the children actively participate in 2 hours per week of PE lessons. During some PE lessons we have secured additional coaching sessions taught by specialist coaches. The children have previously thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, as well as, accessed quality learning about a range of different sports.

A full PE kit must be worn for all PE activities. Every child requires a PE kit to be left at school until the end of each half term.  Please ensure that your child’s kit is clearly labelled with their name.

All jewellery should be removed before school on PE days.  Staff are not able to remove or help to remove earings.  If your child does not remove them before school please ensure that they can do this themselves.

Our PE School Policy provides all up to date information for parents to access. This can be viewed by clicking here.

Examples Of Learning

We are very proud to share with you some photos of Queen Emma children participating in the Virtual Friendship Run. The run was accessed by all children from Reception to Year Six.

Reception took part in a Scavenger hunt and identified minibeasts along the way. Lots of fun and a good opportunity for the children to develop their social skills too.

Year One experienced jogging with a friend and also looked out for those creepy crawlies along the way!

Year Two made many achievements when walking and jogging for longer periods at a time and were determined to keep going

Year Three were able to build upon their stamina, with the majority of children moving continuously for fifteen minutes, by the end of the week.

Year Four challenged themselves to beat their personal best laps in fifteen minutes – what an achievement!

Year five enjoyed experienced the competitive elements of running by recording their times and laps and pushing themselves to do more each day.

Year Six were keen to support each other to keep going and worked well with their friends to challenge one another.

Every class identified children to receive certificates for their involvement. With Year Six taking on the leadership role of voting for peers who they identified as most deserving.

Since returning to school in September, we have had a real focus on physical fitness, as well as, our well-being. Jaguar Class have thoroughly enjoyed Zumba sessions and this video is a celebration of all their efforts so far.

We have been considering our overall fitness, and have practised some one-minute skills to see how we can improve.