Spring Term 2018

Science Morning
We were visited by two scientists who had a fun and interesting morning of investigations planned. First they showed us dry ice and made some bubbles using this, which was amazing. Next, they showed us how to create a density tower using different liquids. We then dropped different items into this such as wood, seeds, plastic beads and metal balls to see which level they sank to. Before we dropped them in, we had to predict which level the object would stop at. Finally, we looked at how the colour of felt pens can become separated using water and filter paper, which we then used to solve a crime.

Maths Investigation
In maths we have been learning about volume. We worked in small groups to try and solve some problems linked to this. First, we had to look at pictures that showed us how to make shapes out of multi-link. We were then given an image of a shape and had to work out how to join the pieces of multi-link together so that they made the final shape.

We've had lots of fun in PE over the last couple of weeks taking part in a Year 6 benchball competition. We split into house teams across the year group and made sure we had a mix of children from both classes. We all worked well together in our teams and tried our hardest. The winning team was Darwin A.

Our first science lesson of the half term was based on classification. We started by working in small groups to create a branching diagram which classified a range of different sweets. We then played a game called 'Guess Zoo' where we picked a photo of an animal, stuck it to our heads and had to ask questions about it for the other people in our team to answer, so that we could try and identify the animal. After, we used the same photos to create a branching diagram based on animals. 

During art we have studied Escher. We had a go at creating our own 3D and illusion pictures, which was lots of fun. We then took inspiration from Escher and famous buildings in Cambridge to create sculptures that also reflected his style. 

A Play In A Day
We had a lovely day dressed up as our favourite book characters. Can you guess who we all came as in the photos? We then spent the morning writing a poem, based on our classroom animal, and planning how to perform it. We learnt lots from about how to make it a great performance from watching each other. In the afternoon, we then shared our work with Year 3. It was great getting to see what they had worked on too. 

Cambridge College Trip
As part of our topic on Cambridge, we went to visit Selwyn College. While there we got to take part in a scavenger hunt led by some undergraduates. During this we got to see lots of the college, such as the student accommodation, JCR and chapel. We also got to ask the students questions about what it was like to go to university. We got to enjoy a fantastic lunch in the dinning room which is usually used by the fellows and in the afternoon we were taken on a tour of either Peterhouse, Robinson or Newnham. It was a really great day and has inspired lots of Year 6 to work hard at school so that they can go to university one day.


We've had lots of fun this half term learning how to play the ukulele. We have focused on how to hold it correctly and play the chords C, F and G to play simple tunes. 

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