Spring Term 2017

March - Food Tasting
We had a French Food Tasting afternoon and sampled various French cheeses, describing the flavour and texture. Many of us had not tried these types of cheese before and were very adventurous!

March - Hoop Gliders
In Science we made our own hoop gliders. Our experiment was to find out if the size of the straw in the hoop glider had an impact on the distance it travelled. We went outside to test our predictions!

March - French Café
Year 3 held our French Café this week for our parents to sample French cheeses, fruit and croissants. We had a go at serving our parents using our French learnt in class. We serenaded everyone with a French song and sang in rounds. Fun was had by all! 

February - Pointillism
We have enjoyed looking at paintings by French artists created in the style of pointillism. We then had a go at experimenting with different medium such as watercolours, oil pastels, chalk and colour pencils to create different images in this style.

January - Greek Temples
We had a lovely day in Year 3 creating the temples we designed earlier in the week. We worked hard in groups to make sure we measured and cut the card accurately. Can you see the number of columns we decided to use? Can you spot the capitals and statues we added for decoration?

January - Experimenting With Clay
We spent a lesson experimenting with two different techniques that can be used to create clay pots. First we looked at the pinch pot and then we looked at coil pots. We had a discussion about which method we found the easiest to use and which made the most interesting shapes. Have a look at out pots to see what you think.

January - Olympic Freeze Frames
We looked at images on Ancient Greek pottery and discussed what we could learn from these about the games at that time. We then worked with a partner to create freeze frames of sports such as discus, javelin, hoplite race, long jump, boxing and wrestling. Can you identify which sports we are trying to represent?

January - Ancient Greek Olympics
We used the netbooks to do some research on the internet about the Olympics in Ancient Greece. We found out about some of the different sports and rules, the awards given to the winners and who could compete. We then worked with a partner to create a poster that was filled with fun facts and pictures about those things we had found out.

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