Autumn Term 2017

November - Planets
We had fun designing, making and painting planets using papier-mâché. We worked in groups and shared the resources. We linked this to our work in Science on Space, seasons and night and day.

September - Maths
Year 1 are exploring place value – we have been ordering numbers using number lines, comparing and sorting objects using different criteria and finding one more and one less. It’s been lots of fun so far!

September - Art
We have enjoyed drawing and painting self-portraits. We looked in mirrors to check our face shape, hair colour, eye colour and skin colour. Then we used a pencil to carefully draw our face, hair and neck. After that we mixed paint to get the right colour for our skin and hair. Once the paint had dried, we added our eyes and lips. We are proud of the portraits and have hung them in our classes. Do pop in and have a look!


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