Summer Term 2018

July - Board Games
This week in maths, we have been making our own board games. Before we started, we played a variety of different maths games to see which games we enjoyed, and which games challenged our thinking. This has been a great way to end our school year and the children have thoroughly enjoyed the practical element.

June - Volume
In maths, we completed an investigation based on estimating and calculating volume. In the investigation, we had to estimate the volume of a 3-dimensional cuboid and then make it using multilink. This practical investigation has really helped improve our understanding.

June - Timelines
As part of our topic, we have become dedicated historians and have focused on timelines. Together, we made a giant timeline on the field starting from before Ancient Egypt and up until present day. We were amazed that the Ancient Egyptian period lasted for more than 3000 years! After our discovery, we went back to the classroom and created a mini-timeline, focusing solely on the Ancient Egyptians. Our understanding of timelines and chronological order has definitely improved.

April - Tourism
Today the children learnt about the positive and negative effects of tourism in Kenya. To do this, the children role-played a TV interview, which included a member of the government (pro tourism) and a local farmer (anti tourism). Being immersed in the different roles enabled the children to write a balance argument about tourism in Kenya.


April - Africa
To help improve our knowledge on this terms topic (arriving in Africa), the children had guest speakers from the University of Cambridge, who come to share their experiences in Africa. The researchers told us about their time in the continent and showed us some artefacts that they had collected from their travels. The children explored the artefacts and discussed what they were and what they were used for. To our amazement, the researchers told us about their experience eating insects and showed us what they looked like. I don’t think we will forget the sight or the smell for a while! It was a great afternoon and I am sure the children will remember this as a highlight of their topic.





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