Spring Term 2018

April - Manufacturing
Students from the Institute of Manufacturing at Cambridge University came into Year 5 to teach the children all about the manufacturing process. They learnt all about how different products are made, the three types of manufacturing and the process involved in making a product (which helpfully tied in with our topic of ‘Mini Enterprise’) In the morning the students were asked to build 20 paper aeroplanes in teams, and after some quality control inspections, they soon realised that it was actually far more effective to work in an assembly line for mass production. Once working on some different aeroplane designs (some of which were extremely complicated) the children decided on one and had to carefully make 30, 6 of which would be selected to be tested. The winning team had to make sure the majority of their planes flew further than 8 meters and all looked identical. Snappy Marshall Cruisers from Giraffe class, took the title, but all the children gained so much from the day, learning about team work, communication and perseverance.
April - Mini Enterprise
Our Mini Enterprise topic came to a fantastic end with our baking day. In teams, both Zebra and Giraffe class worked together to make their final products. The children really enjoyed solving problems such as measuring the ingredients, working in an assembly line to mass produce their product and obviously buying and tasting their biscuits. They even managed their stall and added up their profits at the end. Well done year 5 for all of your effort!
February - Tributaries and Erosion
This week in topic, we have been learning about tributaries and erosion. We now know that a tributary is a river or a stream which flows into a larger river. Year 5 demonstrated how tributaries are formed by creating a watery paint solution, which we dripped onto wet paper (some of us were more successful than others!). 
February - Buddy Reading
Year 5 are fortunate enough to be buddied with a Year 1 child for reading. Every Friday, the Year 5’s listen to the Year 1’s read and write a comment in their reading record. We are really enjoying this process and are looking forward to seeing great improvement in the Year 1’s!

January - Mountains
Year 5 had a fantastic time discovering how different mountains were made. We learnt that dome mountains are formed by magma, forcing the Earth upwards (like a balloon being blown under some tissue paper or material) fold mountains are formed like bread being pushed together, fault block mountains which are to do with the earth's plates cracking (like a cracker) and finally plateau mountains which are eroded like sand and water. Our favourite was the volcanic mountains (which were extremely messy!) Hopefully this practical lesson will really help the children remember all the mountain varieties and how they are formed. 


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