Autumn Term 2017

December - Space Day
Year 5 have loved learning about Space and our topic ended with a final Space Cadet Graduation ceremony, where we heard facts from Astronomer, Matt Bothwell, from Cambridge University. We also learnt some basic training skills, testing our dexterity skills, plus we launched our own rockets and attempted to land a Mars Rover! The children looked amazing in their space costumes and it really made our topic end on a BANG! 
November - Shades Of Grey
As part of our space topic, Year 5 have painted the moon using varying shades of grey. The children learnt how to mix black and white paint in varying quantities to create different shades of grey, which they used to depict the moon and its craters. We learnt that paint is a lot like food: when mixing, black is like chilli pepper, you only want a dash, where as white is like cream and you prefer a slurp of that! Using our scientific knowledge, we ensured that we painted the moons craters in darker shades of grey to depict the depth of the crater. We really enjoyed our lesson of painting and we look forward to learning all about Peter Thorpe next!
November - The Moon
Year 5 have been looking closely at the moon. To understand the phases, the children recreated different stages of the moon using cream filled biscuits and slowly took away or added to the shape. This activity really helped their understanding and was tasty too! 
September - Sutton Hoo
Last week, Year 5 learnt about a historic find at the archaeological site, Sutton Hoo. There they found a mound which, when excavated, contained the remnants of a Viking ship and inside there was a grave containing artefacts such as gold coins, a purse, a sword and a helmet. Year 5 were archaeologists, investigating who might have been buried there. They eventually worked out it was King Raedwald. To help the children understand the size of the ship, both classes went into the hall and measured how long the ship was (27 meters) and recreated the 20 oarsmen on each side that would row the ship. This experience really bought the children’s learning to life.
September - West Stow
Year 5 recently visited West Stow as part of our Ancient Britain topic. During the trip, we were able to see a variety of Anglo-Saxon huts including a sunken hut and free-standing huts. In the huts, we were able to touch and use the items which were recreated using remnants that were excavated at the site. Through looking, touching and smelling we were fully immersed in the experience and were able to imagine what life would have been like for the Anglo-Saxon’s. Both classes learnt how to count to ten in Anglo-Saxon and we noted how the numbers are closely linked to what we say today in English. In the afternoon, we were able to dress up in traditional Anglo-Saxon clothes and learnt about how the Anglo-Saxons took pride in their appearance through their use of combs, jewellery and hygiene tools. Visiting West Stow has immersed the children in our topic and has given them an understanding of life in Ancient Britain.

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