Autumn Term 2017

December - Christmas
Reception have been having a great time getting ready for Christmas! They worked really hard to learn all their words and actions for the ‘Wriggly Nativity’ play and did an amazing job performing to the rest of the school as well as their families! The children have been busy in Santa’s Grotto wrapping presents for each other and delivering them to each class. They have been writing Christmas cards, designing toys and learning the Nativity Story using Talk for Writing.

November - Capacity
Reception have been learning about capacity, using bottles and cups at the water tray, the children all showed ‘full’, ‘nearly full’, ‘half-full/half empty’, ‘nearly empty and empty’.  They compared two containers and correctly predicted which one held the most/least water.  Well done Reception!

October - Woodland Explorers
This week in Woodland Explorers, the children went out to find lots of different natural objects including pine cones, twigs and leaves. They collected them up and created bodies or faces using what they had found, talking about the features and parts that they had made.

September - Parts of the Body
This week we have been learning about the parts of the body, we started by learning the song ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’. We then drew around each other and had a go at labelling the parts of the body. 

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