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Please see the home page for an update on our recent Ofsted Inspection.  This page will be updated with the full report as soon as it becomes available.

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Queen Emma was last inspected by Ofsted in May 2013. Their judgements were as follows:

Overall Effectiveness Achievement of Pupils Quality of Teaching Behaviour & Safety of Pupils Leadership & Management
Good (2) Good (2) Good (2) Outstanding (1) Outstanding (1)

The inspectors particularly identified the following strengths of the school

Pupils attitudes to learning are exemplary.

Pupils feel very safe in school, and feel that their teachers listen to them and respond to any concerns they have.

The Senior Leadership Team and governors have created a good and rapidly improving school, in a short period of time. The standard of teaching and the work undertaken by the learners has, therefore, risen sharply since the school opened.

Current information shows that, for all ability groups, rates of progress have accelerated since the school opened 18 months ago. This is due to on-going improvements being made to teaching and the management of behaviour.

During the inspection, about a quarter of the teaching seen was outstanding, which matches the school’s own record of recent lesson observations. Teaching is never less than good, and is of consistent quality across all classes.

The use of support staff is very good. Such staff are both knowledgeable about, and well prepared for, the lessons planned by the teacher. The school is particularly good at making use of the additional adults and, as a consequence, pupils are benefitting significantly from well-planned interventions.

The school’s teaching programmes provide very well for the needs of the pupils, ensuring that all pupils have access to learning opportunities.

They also identified the following development point for us to work on:

Increase the amount of outstanding teaching, and thus further increase pupils’ progress by:

  • Making sure that the rate of progress made by pupils in wiring continues to improve, so that attainment in writing matches that in mathematics and reading;
  • Further accelerating the rate of progress made by these pupils entitled to the pupil premium;
  • Ensuring that teachers have good information that shows the learning needs of those pupils who arrive during the school year.

Download the full report here and read the letter to parents from our Chair of Governors:

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More information about Ofsted may be found at www.ofsted.gov.uk

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