At Queen Emma we follow the National Curriculum for Music and to provide our children with a wide range of musical experiences. Initially our children learn to use their voices expressively and creatively as well as playing tuned and unturned instruments. As they progress through the school, they all have the opportunity to learn the recorder and some children learn other instruments. They have opportunities to listen to, and evaluate, the music of a variety of composers and musicians from different periods of history and genres of music. They also have the opportunity to create their own music, developing an understanding of pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations. We also enjoy celebrating children’s achievements by encouraging them to perform to an audience.

  Autumn   Spring Summer 
Year 1  Long and short sounds
Christmas Concert
Year 2 Exploring duration
Exploring pulse and rhythm (ocarina and glockenspiel)
Exploring timbre, tempo and dynamics
Exploring instruments and symbols
Exploring sounds – timbre of different materials (ocarina and glockenspiel)
Year 3 Recorders Recordings
Sea shanties

Our Learning
Children have the opportunity to express themselves through music in independent and whole class activities.

Some of our children take lessons in an instrument and we enjoy hearing them perform in assembly.

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