Learning to read and write well are two of the most important skills that children develop in primary school. At Queen Emma, developing these crucial life skills is one of our highest priorities.

By the time they leave us to move onto secondary school, we want all children to be able to:

  • read fluently, with enjoyment and good understanding
  • write clearly, accurately and creatively, sharing their ideas with confidence
  • speak confidently and listen to others carefully and with respect

We help children to acquire these skills through dedicated daily literacy lessons, but also by focusing on the key skill of Communicating across the whole curriculum.

In KS1, we teach reading through a range of strategies, including daily systematic teaching of synthetic phonics (using the progression set out in the publication Letters and Sounds). We do not use a single reading scheme for children's reading books, but draw on a number of different high-quality schemes. These books are organised according to the national Bookbanding colour scheme.

Curriculum Overview

Our English curriculum is organised in different year groups:

Information for Parents

Supporting your child in English

One of the most important things that you can do to help your child succeed at school is to read to them and hear them read regularly. Sharing and discussing books together makes a huge contribution to a child's language development, whether they are at the very early stages of learning to decode words in Reception, or reading more fluently in the older classes.

Your child's class teacher will be happy to talk to you about how you can support your child individually with their reading.

Writing Gallery
Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5
Here is some of Year 5's fabulous writing from the Autumn term!

Special Events
Year 1 Describe a Toy

Year 3 Pirate Playscripts
School Share a Story Event

Key Stage 1 Library

Our Key Stage 1 Library is starting to look fantastic! Thank you to Ms Greenhill for all of her hard work this half term, painting fictional characters on the library walls to make it an inspiring and exciting environment! We look forward to starting the Non-Fiction part of the library in the New Year!

Our Key Stage 1 Library continues to improve! Colourful book boxes have been purchased which now hold our newly organised fiction books and the non-fiction books have been sorted into categories. We look forward to putting into action further plans to create a welcoming and engaging library!

Key Stage 2 Library

The children in KS2 have been enjoying spending time in their library! Due to lots of hard work and fundraising, the upstairs library had become a quiet space for group activities, as well as a comfortable and inviting place for the children to explore our new fiction, non-fiction and poetry books.

Thanks to the Silent Read the school held before Easter, we were able to purchase new fiction, non-fiction and poetry books for both libraries! Thank you for your generous contributions.

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